Inaugural Biennial Symposium, 2011


On October 6th and 7th, 2011, the Alice Campbell Alumni Center was
host to the Inaugural Biennial I-TOPP Symposium.


  • Dr. Cynthia Ogden, Epidemiologist,
    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
    "An Epidemiologic View of Childhood Obesity"
  • Dr. Molly Bray, Professor,
    Department of Epidemiology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham
    "Obesity: A Multidisciplinary Approach for a Complex Disease"
  • Dr. Madeleine Sigman-Grant, Professor,
    University of Nevada
    "An Integrated Approach to Addressing Childhood Obesity Prevention:
    The All 4 Kids Program"
  • Dr. Stephen Matthews, Associate Professor,
    The Pennsylvania State University
    "(Mis)Measuring Place in Obesity Research"

Symposium Videos:

10/6/11 Welcome and Keynote Speaker — Dr. Cynthia Ogden
10/7/11 Welcome Professor Donovan, Dr. Easter, and Etta Saltos of the USDA
Session I: The Cellular Level — Professor Johnson, Dr. Molly Bray, and Professor Margarita Teran-Garcia
Session II: Child, Child Care, and Clan — Professor Fiese, Dr. Madeleine Sigman-Grant, and Professor Craig Gundersen
Session III: The Built Environment — Professor Buchner and Dr. David Matthews
Panel Discussion

Download Program (Adobe PDF)