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Become a leader in child obesity prevention

I-TOPP graduates will be positioned to take leadership roles in academic, medical, non-profit, and governmental institutions by providing expertise in population-based transdisciplinary approaches to childhood obesity prevention.

As an I-TOPP scholar, you are accepted into both the MPH program and one of the PhD programs listed below. Your application is to the PhD program, and for the first 1.5 years your focus will be in the MPH program with an opportunity to take electives in your PhD area of interest. At the end of the MPH portion you will transition into the PhD program. Both degrees will be conferred at the end of your doctoral program.

Although your PhD will be in one of the disciplines listed below, the I-TOPP curriculum will integrate coursework from all of these areas in our transdisciplinary curriculum.

To find out more information about the MPH program click here.

I-TOPP provides scholars with a generous stipend, as well as a partial tuition scholarship.

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Steps to apply:

  1. Contact Anna Keck and inform her of the following:
    1. Which Ph.D. program you play to apply
    2. Which faculty member's research is of most interest to you
    3. Have you taken the GRE?
  2. Include in your personal statement what you hope to gain from this opportunity
  3. Choose a Ph.D. program from the list above and apply directly to the graduate program