Childhood Obesity in the News


December 15, 2017
Productivity, impact, and collaboration differences between transdisciplinary and traditionally trained doctoral students: A comparison of publication patterns

December 7, 2017
We are losing the battle against childhood obesity, CDC claims: New data show health campaigns are doing nothing to control U.S. kids' waistlines

November 28, 2017
Longitudinal perspectives of faculty and students on benefits and barriers to transdisciplinary graduate education: program assessment and institutional recommendations

October 18, 2017
Genetic predisposition may put a person at risk of higher triglycerides, but adopting a healthy diet can help

October 12, 2017
Two maps that show the extent of child obesity around the world

October 10, 2017
WHO study sounds alarm over childhood obesity

September 18, 2017
Got a picky eater? How ‘nature and nurture’ may be influencing eating behavior in young children

September 16, 2017
USDA Study Pinpoints Differences In Households With Obese Children And Those Without

August 29, 2017
Social norms, lack of support may keep many African American moms from breastfeeding

July 31, 2017
How do dads fit in? Engaging fathers in family-centered early intervention services for children

June 21, 2017
Fathers' increased involvement with caregiving linked to decreased odds of childhood obesity

May 18, 2017
Amid 'alarming rise' in obesity, UN study finds one in three European adolescents overweight

May 18, 2017
Physical Activity, Sleep, and BMI Percentile in Rural and Urban Ugandan Youth

May 8, 2017
Fresh Food By Prescription: This Health Care Firm Is Trimming Costs — And Waistlines

May 3, 2017
More evidence ties childhood obesity to type 2 diabetes in kids