• Janet M. Liechty, PhD
  • Associate Professor
Home Department:
  • School of Social Work and College of Medicine
Graduate Programs:
  • Masters of Social Work
  • PhD Program in Social Work
  • Medical Humanities and Social Sciences
  • BS, Social Work, Goshen College, 1986
  • MSW, University of Maryland - Baltimore, 1990
  • PhD, Family Studies, University of Maryland – College Park, 2007
  • 1010 W. Nevada, Office 2121, Urbana, IL 61801
  • 217-265-0577
I-TOPP Related Research Interest:
  • Family and individual risk and protective factors for healthy weight and eating among children/adolescents and families, with particular attention to health literacy, body image, and safe/unsafe weight loss strategies.
  • Health Literacy and its measurement, and its impact on weight-related health.
  • Body teasing in the family and its impact on body image and eating behaviors.
  • Social determinants of health pertaining to weight management and healthy lifestyle.
  • Evaluation of the impact of transdisciplinary doctoral education and training on the development of transdisciplinary scholars.
  • Healthcare professional education to enhance cultural competency, communication, integrated care, and interdisciplinary team-based.
Recent Publications:
  • Keck AS, Sloane S, Liechty JM, Fiese BH, Donovan SM. (2017) Productivity, impact, and collaboration differences between transdisciplinary and traditionally trained doctoral students: A comparison of publication patterns. PLoS One. 12(12):e0189391
  • Pineros-Leano M, Liechty JM, Piedra LM. (2017) Latino immigrants, depressive symptoms, and cognitive behavioral therapy: A systematic review. J Affect Disord. 208:567-576.
  • Liechty JM, Clarke S, Birky JP, Harrison K; STRONG Kids Team. (2016) Perceptions of early body image socialization in families: Exploring knowledge, beliefs, and strategies among mothers of preschoolers. Body Image.19:68-78.
  • Saltzman JA, Liechty JM. (2016) Family correlates of childhood binge eating: A systematic review. Eat Behav. 22:62-71
  • Liechty, J.M., Saltzman, J.A., Musaad, S.M., and the STRONG Kids Team. (2015). Health literacy and parent attitudes about weight control for children. Appetite, 91: 200–208.
  • Liechty, J.M. & Lee, M.J. (2015). Body size estimation and other psychosocial risk factors for the onset of adolescent obesity and overweight: Findings from population level data. International Journal of Obesity, 39: 601-607.
  • Speirs, K.E., Liechty, J.M., Wu, C.F., & the STRONG Kids Team. (2014). Sleep, but not other daily routines, mediates the association between maternal employment and BMI for preschool children. Sleep Medicine, 15: 1590-1593.
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  • Harrison, K., Bost, K.K., McBride, B.A., Donovan, S.M., Grigsby-Toussaint, D.S., Kim, J., Liechty, J.M., Wiley, A., Teran-Garcia, M., & Jacobsohn, G.C. (2011). Toward a developmental conceptualization of contributors to overweight and obesity in childhood: The six-c’s Model. Child Development Perspectives, 5: 50-58.